CALM - Counseling on Access to Lethal Means

Approximately two-hour training course offered for ages 18 and over. Free tuition

CALM is for anyone who works with people in a clinical/counseling situation such as health and mental health, veteran affairs, schools, peer support, clergy, domestic violence, etc.

CALM is intended to assist helpers in offering strategies to help clients at risk of suicide and their families reduce access to lethal means, particularly (but not exclusively) firearms. The workshop will introduce participants to the knowledge and skill components included in the completed 2 hour, interactive workshop. CALM is a means reduction program developed at the Injury Prevention Center at Dartmouth and evaluated by researchers at the Harvard Injury Control Research Center. The CALM workshop includes: a power point presentation regarding why CALM is effective, a model videotaped attempt scenario and case studies.
 CALM is recognized on the SPRC/AFSP Best Practice Registry, Section III.

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